Smart LTE vs. Globe LTE Tattoo Black Price Comparison

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Here are the LTE service plans offered by Smart and Globe.
On paper, it looks like Globe has one up against Smart in this round.

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Philippine Smart’s negative advertising boomerangs

Monday, October 1, 2012

“Don’t invite comparison if you’re unsure that your product is really superior” is a basic rule that Smart Telecom apparently overlooked when it launched its multi-million negative advertising campaign.

It is Smart subscribers who might have a problem. If it is true that Smart has already completed its system upgrading program, its service, according to NTC’s statements, still leaves a lot to be desired.

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Philippine PLDT/Smart network better than Globe–NTC

Thursday, September 20, 2012

SMART Communications Inc.’s network is officially better than that of rival Globe Telecom Inc., data from the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) showed.
Of all the 5 tests that NTC has conducted, only 1 test shows that Globe has an edge over Smart and that is the Grade of Service.
Translated into layman’s terms, what this result means is that Smart’s signal level is up to five times stronger than Globe’s. In terms of customer experience, a stronger signal level means better indoor coverage, resulting in better voice quality, less drop calls, faster and more reliable SMS and higher data speeds.
For blocked calls, which refers to the percentage of calls that were not given access by the network, both cellular firms failed this test. Smart garnered a score of 9.95 percent while Globe recorded 4.45 percent. The standard is set at 4 percent. For this criteria, the NTC noted that Globe’s performance has an edge over Smart.  the fact is that Smart has already upgraded their network but their services are still lacking…
press release NTC  study
SMART press release

Smart 3G Mobile Internet for Php 1 per Minute

Friday, April 1, 2011

Smart’s per Minute Rate for Mobile 3G
1 peso per minute rate is an option available for users who have prepaid load of less than Php10. This is to help users maximize their remaining load credits.

 However, there another set of per minute charging which is available to all prepaid users as another option.

So that’s Php60 for 3 hours (180 minutes) and expires in 2 days, Php100 for 5 hours (300 minutes) and expires in 4 days and Php150 for 7.5 hours (450 minutes) and expires in 7 days.

The rates still follows Smart Bro’s Php20 per hour and will still be great for people who frequently use Twitter, FB or FourSquare but don’t really need to go online 24/7.

If you go with UnliSurf, that’s Php50 for 24 hours. If your cumulative mobile internet usage is under 3 hours for 2 days, instead of using Php100 for 2 days of UnliSurf, you have the option to pick Php60 for 3 hours within a 2-day period (which makes it cheaper).

SMART Bro, now on WiFi hotspots

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

SMART Bro, now on WiFi!
You have stepped into the latest, coolest broadband innovation! Enjoy Smart Bro anywhere with its supercharged WiFi zones. Ready to blast-off into the net? Then check out the many ways you can surf anywhere, anytime:
Are you a SMART Bro pre-paid user? Start surfing at unbelievably low rates - only P10 for 40 minutes!
Dont have SMART Bro yet? Seriously?!? Then Get a Smart Tag now.

Postpaid subscribers can use their SMART Bro reference numbers to login to unlimited WiFi at SMART Bro WiFi hotspots.

Read more at the Smart website

Want a SMART TAG Account?
Smart Tag is the newest card that lets you connect to the Internet using Smart Bro WiFi in over 500 hotspots nationwide.
Buy the SMART Bro Reloadable Card to get your virtual number.

  • The latest innovation from Smart, the wireless broadband leader
  • Ready to use at any SMART Bro hotspot
  • Reloadable at over 1.3 million SMART load outlets nationwide
  • Affordable surfing rates of only P15 / 30 mins.
  • No load expiry
Grab one from your Smart Bro booth now! Register and Activate your Smart Tag here.

Smart Bro 2mpbs Speed for Plan 999

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

It's official! Smartbro Plan 999 postpaid plan upgrades to 2 mbps. Smart Bro Plan 999 subscribers on fixed wireless connection (Canopy antenna) or wireless connection (Plug-it modem) can now enjoy up to 2 mbps (2000 kbps) broadband internet speed.

SMART Bro UnliSURF P40 a day, PROMO unlimited internet Philippines

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

SMART Bro UnliSURF is designed for heavy internet users so plug-in your stick right about now. For an affordable price of P200, you'll get 5 days of unlimited surfing (P40 per day). Here's how to use SMART Bro UnliSURF thru Webconnect or SMS text.

This promo is open to all Smart BRO Prepaid subscribers. For P200, get unlimited surfing for 5 days (120 hours).

Web Connect Registration:Note: You must have an initial load balance of P210
Log on to Web Connect:
Upon logging in, choose “Bro Packages”, then click on “Data Packages”.
Choose Smart Bro UnliSurf Package, then click “Submit".

You'll get a notification upon successful registration.~Via SMS:
  • Text UNLISURF 200 send to 2200 (subscriber must have initial load balance of P210).
Promo is until May 18, 2010. Enjoy!

  • Maintain P1 airtime to continue using the unlimited internet browsing experience.

  • Validity is counted in terms of hours vs calendar days from the time you register into the service.

  • Multiple registrations not allowed.